Italy Trip 2005

Bob (Roberto) and Jim (Giacomo) spent three wonderful weeks in Italy in September 2005. First stop was meeting in Milan at our hotel just across from the old majestic train station shown below.

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Next we were off on the Eurostar train to Rome for three more packed days of living with history!

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Then back on the Eurostar to Florence for three days of more history.

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Then the last Eurostar trip to Verona. Verona has an Arena. Don't call it a Coliseum like Rome, or the locals will be very upset with you!

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After getting our rental car we did a one day trip to Venice.

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The remainder of the trip was in the Trentino Region to visit our family and show Jim our family history and meet many Zambaninis! First stop was the village of Sclemo, birthplace of our family

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Then a drive down through Riva de Garda, down along the west side of Lake Garda, Simone, and on to our last night in Gallarate before flying home!

After any trip to Italy, many ask about the food so here are some photos of our incredible findings!

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